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Calm Sea

This is a safe place for those seeking mental health services. We accept insurance.


Meet Our CEO

 Hi! My name is Amber and I am the founder and owner of Healing & Hope Clinical Counseling LLC. I am a licensed professional counselor in TN with a mental health service provider designation (LPC-MHSP). My experience includes: residential, outpatient, crisis counseling, school-based therapy, trauma therapy, & more. Currently, I work with individuals to treat mental illness including depression, anxiety, trauma, and the day-to-day stressors in life.

What We Offer

I offer individual therapy using an eclectic approach. My modalities include cognitive-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, and solution-focused brief therapy. With these approaches, you can overcome personal challenges and achieve your individual life goals. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Contact me to start your proactive journey today.


Depression Counseling

Depression can be a debilitating condition that affects all areas of your life. We provide a safe and non-judgmental space for you to explore your feelings and develop coping strategies to manage your symptoms.

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Anxiety Counseling

Anxiety can be overwhelming and make it difficult to function in your daily life. We will work with you to identify the root causes of your anxiety and develop strategies to manage your symptoms.

Trauma Counseling

Trauma can have a profound impact on your mental health and well-being. We will provide a safe and supportive environment for you to process your trauma and develop strategies to move forward.

PTSD Counseling

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PTSD is a complex mental health disorder that arises from witnessing or experiencing an event that is distressing, frightening, or life-threatening. Whether it's surviving a natural disaster, being involved in a serious accident, serving in the military, or enduring any other traumatic event, the emotional aftermath can be deeply unsettling. 

Stress Management

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Stress management is a crucial skill for maintaining physical and mental well-being in today's fast-paced world. At our counseling center, we recognize the impact of stress on individuals' lives and offer effective tools to cope with and reduce its effects.

Life Transitions


Life transitions are the inevitable and transformative phases that shape our journeys, often marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. These transitions can be both exciting and daunting, bringing about a mix of emotions and challenges. Whether it's moving to a new city, starting a new job, getting married, becoming a parent, or retiring, life transitions demand adaptability and resilience.

What is Healing & Hope?

This is a safe place for those seeking mental health services. Most therapists and those who founded theories of psychology do not look like me. I am an advocate for all dealing with mental illness, but particularly minorities who need someone relatable to talk to. Black and Brown people need therapists they can connect with. Representation matters! Explore my site to learn more about my specialties and services, as well as information on scheduling a consultation. 


Insurances we accept

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Other Specialties



Self-harming behaviors

Suicidal ideations

 Work-related stress
Imposter syndrome

Racial trauma

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